Abraham Veghte (1791-1865)


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Abraham Veghte (1791-1865)
Given Name
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Birth Date
24 May 1791
Death Date
29 June 1865
Biographical Description
Abraham Veghte (1791-1865) was a farmer from Griggstown in Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ. According to the 1830 federal census for Franklin Township, Abraham Veghte's household consisted of 5 free white persons, 2 enslaved men between the ages of 24 and 35, and 3 persons who were listed as "free colored persons" under the age of 23. The 3 young persons listed as "free" were probably actually "slaves for a term" who awaited their emancipation under New Jersey's gradual abolition program. Since the federal census did not have a category of "slave for a term," these young people would have been listed as "free" belying the reality of their life in bondage.

In December 1838, Abraham Veghte purchased a 20-year-old enslaved man named Mark Harris Jr. from James Neilson (1784-1862) for $20. Under the terms of the sale, Mark Harris Jr. was bound to serve Abraham Veghte for a partial term of 4 years and 7 months. Mark Harris Jr. was a "slave for a term" and would become eligible for emancipation once he attained the age of 25.
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Gertrude Nevius Veghte
Catharine DuBois Veghte
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Jesse Bayker

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