1795 Manumission: Gabriel


1795 Manumission: Gabriel
Middlesex County Manumissions and Removals, page 70
Manumission of Gabriel (deed dated 1795-03-10), recorded in Manumissions and Removals Book, p. 70. Middlesex County (N.J.) Records, 1688-1929, Vol. XI (MC 784.1). Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.
Event Description
The Middlesex County Book of Manumissions and Removals contains a copy of a document signed by Joseph Freeman Sr. (1709-1797), promising to manumit an enslaved man named Gabriel after the decease of Joseph Freeman Sr. and his wife Susannah Freeman. This document was originally signed on March 10, 1795, and witnessed by Joseph Freeman Jr. and Enos Freeman.

On February 15, 1808, Enos Freeman appeared before judge Henry Freeman and acknowledged the authenticity of the document. The document was then recorded into the book by the Middlesex County Clerk on February 27, 1808.

The following is a transcript of Joseph Freeman Sr.'s 1795 document:

"I Joseph Freeman in the County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey this tenth day of March in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and ninety five do certify that after the decease of me and my wife Susannah, that my negro man Gabriel shall be set free. In Witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal. - Joseph Freeman"

Joseph Freeman Sr. died in 1797. The date of death of his wife Susannah Freeman is uncertain. Whether and when Gabriel attained freedom is uncertain. It is likely that Gabriel attained freedom by 1808. However, a copy of the requisite manumission certificate for Gabriel (which would typically be issued by the Justice of the Peace of Middlesex County) has not been found in the book.
Event Type
Legal: Manumission registration
10 March 1795
Woodbridge, NJ
Primary Participant
Participant Details

*** Gabriel ***
Role: Emancipated Person
Age category: Adult
Status: Transition
Enslaver(s) of this participant:
- Joseph Freeman Sr. (1709-1797)
Verbatim description from source:
"negro man Gabriel"



Joseph Freeman Sr. (1709-1797)
Role: Enslaver - Deceased

Joseph Freeman Jr.
Role: Witness

Henry Freeman
Role: Witness

Enos Freeman
Role: Witness

William Philips Deare (d. 1826)
Role: County Clerk
Record Contributor
Isaac Guzmán
Jesse Bayker

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