Alpheus Freeman (1766-1813)


Person Record Title
Alpheus Freeman (1766-1813)
Given Name
Family Name
Birth Date
6 December 1766
Death Date
29 December 1813
Biographical Description
Alpheus Freeman was an enslaver in New Brunswick, NJ. He was born in 1766, probably in Metuchen, NJ (which was part of Woodbridge Township at the time). He attended Queen's College (now Rutgers University), receiving his degree in 1788, after which he established a law practice in New Brunswick. He married Mary Parker in Philadelphia in 1803. He owned several properties in New Brunswick, including a large building on the corner of George Street and Prince (now Bayard) Street. He died suddenly on December 29, 1813, aged 47, and was interred with military and masonic honors. Archival documents show that he was the enslaver of a young man named Dick (who ran away) and a young woman who was sold by the executors of his estate to settle Freeman's accounts.
Place of Significance
New Brunswick
Rutgers University
Relationship to Rutgers
Alumnus 1788
Child of
James Freeman
Elizabeth Payne Freeman
Spouse of
Mary Parker Freeman (d. 1858)
Record Contributor
Jesse Bayker

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