1780, Unnamed Black child [Bray], Sale


1780, Unnamed Black child [Bray], Sale
Event Description
In December 1780, John Bray of Raritan Landing, NJ, placed an advertisement in the Trenton newspaper New Jersey Gazette seeking to sell a 32-year-old Black man, his 24-year-old wife, and their 15-month old child.

Bray stated that he would prefer "to sell them together" but that "a few miles separation will not prevent the sale." Thus the family may have been separated as a result of this proposed sale.

A complete transcript of the advertisement from the December 20, 1780, issue of the New Jersey Gazette follows:

"To be SOLD cheap,
By the Subscriber,
A NEGRO MAN about thirty-two-years of age, a negro woman about twenty-four, with a child of fifteen months, not for any fault, but want of employ. They being man and wife would make it most agreeable to sell them together; however a few miles separation will not prevent the sale. Any person inclining to purchase will receive satisfactory accounts of their characters by applying to
Raritan Landing, Dec. 11, 1780."
Action Status
December 1780
Date Certainty
Primary Participant Description (verbatim)
child of fifteen months
15 months
Freedom Status
Enslaver of Primary Event Participant
John Bray (c. 1751-1834)
Slave sale ad for married couple with child
Slave sale ad for married couple with child, by John Bray. New Jersey Gazette. December 20, 1780.
Record Contributor
Jesse Bayker

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