Anthony (b. 1804)


Person Record Title
Anthony (b. 1804)
Given Name
Birth Date
29 September 1804
Biographical Description
Anthony was born on September 29, 1804, and was enslaved by Joseph W. Hagaman of Princeton, NJ. Under New Jersey's gradual abolition law, he had the status of a slave for a term of 25 years. This meant he was bound to serve his enslaver until age 25, and then he would become eligible for emancipation. In 1812, Joseph W. Hagaman moved from the state of New Jersey to Cincinnati, Ohio, and took Anthony with him. The removal certificate related to this move stated that Anthony had no parents residing in New Jersey.
Place of Significance
West Windsor
Cincinnati, OH
Enslaved by
Joseph W. Hagaman
Related Person
Bob (b. 1799)
Mary (b. 1799)
Record Contributor
Jesse Bayker

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