Dinah (b. 1795)


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Dinah (b. 1795)
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Dinah was born around 1795 and lived in New Brunswick, NJ. She was enslaved by Doctor William Van Deursen, a physician in New Brunswick and a graduate of Queen's College (now Rutgers University). In 1817, William Van Deursen sold Dinah to a man named Jacob Klady, a New Jersey landholder who was getting ready to move to Ouachita Parish in Louisiana to establish a plantation. Klady took Dinah to Louisiana with him.

Before Klady was allowed to take Dinah out of the State of New Jersey, Dinah had to appear in court and give her consent to move with Klady. It appears that Dinah used this as an opportunity to negotiate with Klady for her freedom before giving her consent. According to Dinah's removal certificate issued by the Court of Common Pleas of Middlesex County in 1817, Klady promised to manumit Dinah if she served him obediently for 15 years in Louisiana. Dinah's fate after moving to Louisiana is uncertain.
Place of Significance
New Brunswick
Ouachita Parish, LA
Related Person
Phillis (b. 1795)
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Jesse Bayker

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