William Lee


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William Lee
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Slave Trade
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William Lee was a captain involved in the illegal transportation of Black people from New Jersey to Louisiana. He was part of the slave trading ring organized by Middlesex County Judge Jacob Van Wickle, Charles Morgan, and their associates. In the spring of 1818, William Lee sailed the brig Mary Ann from New York City to New Orleans. En route to New Orleans, he dropped anchor between Sandy Hook and Perth Amboy to secretly receive a group of about thirty six captive Black men, women, and children assembled by Van Wickle and Morgan in New Jersey. Captain Lee was indicted upon his arrival in New Orleans because the customs officials there became suspicious that the ship's manifest was forged and fraudulent. He stood trial, but was ultimately acquitted by the jury in New Orleans.
Place of Significance
Perth Amboy, NJ
New Orleans, LA
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Jesse Bayker

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