Caesar Trent (d. 1813)


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Caesar Trent (d. 1813)
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Cezar Trent
Cesar Trent
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Caesar Trent was a Black man who lived in Princeton, NJ, in the 18th century. His name appeared on the Somerset County tax list starting in 1789. His name also appeared on the 1801 poll list for Montgomery Township, indicating that Ceasar Trent exercised his right to vote. He was married to a woman named Caty.

It appears that Caesar Trent held at least two Black persons in bondage. He published an advertisement offering to sell a Black man in 1795. Additionally, in 1793, a runaway ad for an indented Black man named Will Grigg, published by Edward Dunant in the Trenton newspaper New-Jersey State Gazette, mentioned that Will Grigg had "lately belonged to Caesar Trent, a negro in Princeton."

Caesar Trent is featured in the virtual exhibit When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807, at the Museum of the American Revolution. The virtual exhibit notes that Trent was accused and convicted of receiving stolen goods in 1808 and went to prison in Trenton for a year. The exhibit also discusses his properties in Maidenhead and Princeton and his death and estate settlement in 1813.
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Caty Trent
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Jesse Bayker

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