Cato (b. 1789)


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Cato (b. 1789)
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Cato was an enslaved man, born around 1789. He was
enslaved by Elijah Hunt, who was associated with South Brunswick and North Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ.

On September 11, 1810, Elijah Hunt signed a legal agreement promising to manumit Cato after 9 years of service from the date of the agreement.

Elijah Hunt died in 1818, less than a year before Cato was due to be manumitted. On December 13, 1819, the executors of Elijah Hunt's estate, Abraham Van Arsdalen and William P. Deare, completed the manumission process in pursuance of the covenant that Hunt had made with Cato during his lifetime. Cato was aged 30 when he became a free man.
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North Brunswick
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Jesse Bayker

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