1753, Nell, Freedom seeking (Resistance)


1753, Nell, Freedom seeking (Resistance)
Event Description
On April 12, 1753, a Black woman named Nell ran away from enslaver Isaac Kingsland of Saddle River, in Bergen County, New Jersey. She took with her many articles of clothing when she left. Kingsland published a runaway ad offering a reward of forty shillings for Nell's capture and return. The ad mentioned that Nell was previously enslaved by Robert Livingston, a merchant in New York. It also noted that Nell had "three Diamonds in her face, one on each side and the other on her Forehead," likely referring to facial markings representing Nell's cultural heritage.

Below is the full text of the ad as it appeared in the April 23, 1753, issue of the newspaper New-York Gazette, or, the Weekly Post-Boy:

"Run away the 12th Instant April, from ISAAC KINGSLAND of Saddle River, in Bergen County, East New Jersey, a Negro Wench named Nell, who formerly belonged to Robert J. Livingston, Merchant in New York: she is a tall slim Wench, has three Diamonds in her face, one on each side and the other on her Forehead: had on and taken with her when she went away, three Petticoats, one is an old quilted one, and the other two homespun, one striped and the other mixed a blue and white striped short gown, a bluish homespun Waistcoat, and an Ozenbrigs shirt, with Homespun sleeves, a short blue cloke, a new pair of Blue Stockings, a pair of old crooked shoes, and several other Things too tedious to mention. These are therefore to Forewarn all Masters of Vessels and others, of carrying off, concealing or harbouring said Wench, as they will answer it at their peril with the utmost Rigour of the Law· Whoever takes up the foremention'd Negroe, and secures her in any Goal, so that her master can have her again, shall have Forty Shillings reward, and all reasonable charges paid by ISAAC KINGSLAND."
Action Status
12 April 1753
Saddle River, NJ
Preceding Event
1752, Nell, Transfer
Primary Participant
Primary Participant Description (verbatim)
Negro Wench named Nell
a tall slim Wench, has three Diamonds in her face, one on each side and the other on her Forehead
Freedom Status
Enslaver of Primary Event Participant
Isaac Kingsland
Runaway ad for Nell
Isaac Kingsland, Runaway ad for Nell, New-York Gazette, or, the Weekly Post-Boy, April 23, 1753.
Related Person or Resource
Robert J. Livingston
Record Contributor
Jesse Bayker

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