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Warren County
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County or Parish
Warren County was established in 1824 from a portion of Sussex County, and Belvidere became its county seat, as it remains to this day.

Throughout the slavery era, the area of present-day Warren County went through a succession of county reconfigurations. It was considered part of Burlington County in the 17th century, then it became Hunterdon County in 1714, then Morris County in 1739, then Sussex County in 1753.

Because this area was part of Sussex County for 71 years from 1753 to 1824, some documents related to slavery here will be found among Sussex County records, particularly early 19th-century birth certificates of Black children. Many Sussex County birth records do not specify a town; such records are filed in our database under Sussex County, but some of them may properly belong to present-day Warren County.

See the linked record for Sussex County for information about the area's demographics and slavery.
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New Jersey
United States of America
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Sussex County
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Daniel Dias
Jesse Bayker

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