Andrew Kirkpatrick (1756-1831)


Andrew Kirkpatrick (1756-1831)
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Andrew Kirkpatrick (1756-1831) was a prominent New Brunswick lawyer and politician with deep ties to Queen's College (later Rutgers University). He enslaved multiple people in his household. In the first two decades of the 19th century, he manumitted several individuals.

In the 1780s, Andrew Kirkpatrick was a teacher at the Queen's College grammar school. In 1783, he was the first person to receive an honorary degree from Queen's College. In 1797 be became a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, and a year later he was appointed as a judge to the New Jersey Supreme Court. He served as the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court from 1804 to 1825.

Andrew Kirkpatrick served as a trustee of Queen's College from 1792 to 1809. During his time as a trustee, he was instrumental in reviving the struggling college. He worked with the Reverend Ira Condict to raise funds for the erection of a new building for the college (now called Old Queens building). Andrew Kirkpatrick then sent his son John Bayard Kirkpatrick to study at the college in the 1810s.

Andrew Kirkpatrick's oldest son Littleton Kirkpatrick carried on his father's legacy in supporting the college; he served as a trustee of the college from 1841 until his death in 1859. Having no surviving heirs when they died, Littleton Kirkpatrick and his wife Sophia Astley Kirkpatrick left their fortune to the college. Their donation was used to build the Kirkpatrick Chapel on campus.
Place of Origin
Mine Brook, NJ
Place of Significance
Mine Brook, NJ
New Brunswick, NJ
Rutgers University
Relationship to Rutgers
Honorary degree (A.M. 1783)
Trustee (1792-1809)
Instructor (Queen's College grammar school 1780s)
Patron (son John Bayard Kirkpatrick RC1814)
Spouse of
Jane Bayard
Parent of
Littleton Kirkpatrick
John Bayard Kirkpatrick

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