Asher Applegate (1762-1834)


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Asher Applegate (1762-1834)
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Asher Applegate was an enslaver who resided in East Windsor, NJ. He wrote his last will and testament in 1832, two years before his death. The will has been transcribed by The Applegate Project. Asher Applegate did not mention enslaved people in his will. Aside from a piece of land in Hightstown, Asher Applegate left all the residue of his estate to his wife Sarah Applegate (who outlived him by about a year and a half). This would include the enslaved persons in the Applegate household, including Jane and her children Francis, Jude, and Tabitha. Asher Applegate's son Abijah Applegate was one of the executors of the estate and handled affairs related to the enslaved people, including reporting the births of Jane's children to the Middlesex County Clerk.
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East Windsor
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Jesse Bayker

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