Austin Davis Blackwell (1794-1878)


Person Record Title
Austin Davis Blackwell (1794-1878)
Given Name
Austin Davis
Family Name
Birth Date
8 October 1794
Death Date
19 December 1878
Biographical Description
Austin Davis Blackwell was an enslaver who resided in Mapletown in South Brunswick Township, NJ. He was the son of Thomas Blackwell (1741-1825) and Bathsheba Davis Blackwell. He signed a manumission deed for a Black man named Samuel in 1824 as an agent on his father's behalf. Additionally, in 1830, several years after his father's death, Austin reported to the Middlesex County Clerk that a Black woman named Jane had given birth to 6 children between 1809 and 1817 in the Blackwell household. From these birth records, it can be inferred that Jane and her children were enslaved by Thomas Blackwell during Thomas's lifetime and then by Austin Davis Blackwell after 1825.
Place of Significance
South Brunswick
Child of
Thomas Blackwell (1741-1825)
Bathsheba Davis Blackwell
Spouse of
Catharine Ann Stryker Blackwell
Record Contributor
Jesse Bayker

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